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"My home, better served."
Since 1986, HouseWide System Design lead designer has overseen hundreds of  home systems and no two are the same.  Why?  Because the needs and expectation of each homeowner/family are unique.   What aspects of your home can be better served?  Did you try DIY, but now want a pro for a "do it once and done" solution ?  Smart home owners call HouseWide System Design to consult, design, perform the install, program and support a homeowners intended outcome being, "My home, better served."  

Old houses and  new can be fashioned for better comfort, efficiency, control or connection. Contact HouseWide System Design now and experience,  "My home, better served."

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Advanced Design – Design is the focus of HouseWide System Design automation. Good design, NOT current fad technology, fulfills expectations year after year even as technology trends rise and fall. Are you considering a short-lived DIY system or a soon obsoleted consumer electronic solution?   Save your time and money with a HouseWide System Design solution to serve your needs for decades of operational relevance. Long time customers find HouseWide System Design to be a best value, best performance, and best user operating experience for personalized automation and connectivity needs.