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You’re Inviting WHO?  Don’t be hacked or inconvenienced, needlessly!

Do you invite “new” products into your home/business with skepticism? Do you first check-out a “connected” product?   In 2017 consumers and entire segments of the Internet were vulnerable to poorly designed “connected devices”.

“New” technology products connected to the world wide web risk having an open “back door” to your connected life.  Before you “invite” new technology into your home, consult with Google for product vulnerabilities and important “exceptions” to your preconceived service expectations.*

Learning about connected devices/services for home or business is an endless task. Advertising and press releases of a “New 1.0” product or “Improved 2.0” service emerge weekly.

How much time is devoted to product search, research, purchase, test, product return…(repeat) only to find these consumer grade choices too risky or not what you intended?

This time, spend 20 minutes, not searching, but sharing your intentions/expectations of how your home/business is to be better served. With 30+ years of listening experience regarding home solutions, I’ve learned every home is different. Long lasting home technology is not purchased over the Internet or Walmart or Home Depot. Why? Because “fashioning” your home to your specifications requires design and design does not come in a box.*

This time, avoid gadgets and instead, “fashion” your home as you intend. Just call me (940-225-4590), email ( or text me 940-225-4590. Save your time and your money. It is okay to call/email/text after 5pm or before 8am.

If invited into your home or business, HouseWide System Design products do not have a “back-door” to breach or it is secured; no-exceptions.   By reputation the HouseWide System Design** brand represents quality, reliability, security & support customers intend for their home and business. 

Recently, what connected product has been invited into your home or business?

*A China government owned manufacturer is flooding the USA market with vulnerable cameras branded under a variety of names.  Unfortunate buyers of these “less expensive” cameras (homes/business/Industrial) lost thousands and tens of thousands of dollars performing software “patches” to “known” back-door vulnerabilities.  New cyber exploits of “less expensive” cameras still occur and require repeated software “patch” investments.  By design, HouseWide System Design customers avoid such calamity.   Choosing HouseWide System Design is an investment in good design now, to save dollars, aggravation, and potential cyber exploitation over long service life of products purchased/installed.

**HouseWide System Design alarm company is licensed by Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Division. Such licensing requires FBI background check of all principals and employees. Texas law restricts sales and installation of surveillance cameras which record (residential/commercial) to licensed alarm companies (unless self-installed by home/business owner). The advent of IP camera technology, while more accessible to consumers, introduces greater risk of privacy and security breach than legacy camera/recording technology originally considered by Texas lawmakers. HouseWide System Design is licensed to legally install surveillance and security systems under laws of Texas in the interest of your protection.





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A grand old house built in the 1920s caught fire one night, forcing the occupants (pets, too) to make a night time escape. The fire department responded quickly to save the house structure, yet the fire had already caused substantial interior damage, loss of antique furniture and collectibles.
The grand old house fire exemplifies how minutes are counted in loss of property and potentially lives. It is a testament to our motto: “Don’t wait till it’s too late” to get your home equipped with a HouseWide fire alarm system.
Contact (call/text/email) HouseWide System Design and receive a ready response to your security/fire concerns. Contact HouseWide System Design at 940-228-4590 to discuss the design of your home system.

A Grand Old House

Don’t wait till it’s too late!