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You’re Inviting WHO?  Don’t be hacked or inconvenienced, needlessly!

Do you invite “new” products into your home/business with skepticism? Do you first check-out a “connected” product?   In 2017 consumers and entire segments of the Internet were vulnerable to poorly designed “connected devices”.

“New” technology products connected to the world wide web risk having an open “back door” to your connected life.  Before you “invite” new technology into your home, consult with Google for product vulnerabilities and important “exceptions” to your preconceived service expectations.*

Learning about connected devices/services for home or business is an endless task. Advertising and press releases of a “New 1.0” product or “Improved 2.0” service emerge weekly.

How much time is devoted to product search, research, purchase, test, product return…(repeat) only to find these consumer grade choices too risky or not what you intended?

This time, spend 20 minutes, not searching, but sharing your intentions/expectations of how your home/business is to be better served. With 30+ years of listening experience regarding home solutions, I’ve learned every home is different. Long lasting home technology is not purchased over the Internet or Walmart or Home Depot. Why? Because “fashioning” your home to your specifications requires design and design does not come in a box.*

This time, avoid gadgets and instead, “fashion” your home as you intend. Just call me (940-225-4590), email ( or text me 940-225-4590. Save your time and your money. It is okay to call/email/text after 5pm or before 8am.

If invited into your home or business, HouseWide System Design products do not have a “back-door” to breach or it is secured; no-exceptions.   By reputation the HouseWide System Design** brand represents quality, reliability, security & support customers intend for their home and business. 

Recently, what connected product has been invited into your home or business?

*A China government owned manufacturer is flooding the USA market with vulnerable cameras branded under a variety of names.  Unfortunate buyers of these “less expensive” cameras (homes/business/Industrial) lost thousands and tens of thousands of dollars performing software “patches” to “known” back-door vulnerabilities.  New cyber exploits of “less expensive” cameras still occur and require repeated software “patch” investments.  By design, HouseWide System Design customers avoid such calamity.   Choosing HouseWide System Design is an investment in good design now, to save dollars, aggravation, and potential cyber exploitation over long service life of products purchased/installed.

**HouseWide System Design alarm company is licensed by Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Division. Such licensing requires FBI background check of all principals and employees. Texas law restricts sales and installation of surveillance cameras which record (residential/commercial) to licensed alarm companies (unless self-installed by home/business owner). The advent of IP camera technology, while more accessible to consumers, introduces greater risk of privacy and security breach than legacy camera/recording technology originally considered by Texas lawmakers. HouseWide System Design is licensed to legally install surveillance and security systems under laws of Texas in the interest of your protection.





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Ecovent is a whole home, intelligent zoning system that delivers room-by-room temperature control. The system is made up of self configuring room sensors, vents and a Smart Hub. The sensors plug into a standard wall outlet, detect the climate of the room and send the information to the Smart Hub. The Smart Hub then opens and closes vents in your home and communicates with the Wi-Fi thermostat to achieve your temperature preferences. All you have to do is set the temperature you want in our mobile app, and Ecovent does the rest.

In other systems, if too many vents are closed off in your home, pressure builds up in your ducts. This can have costly and potentially dangerous consequences. Ecovent doesn’t blindly close off vents. Ecovent system monitors the static pressure and airflow conditions at each vent and in each room. We optimize your comfort, but will never put your home in a position where your heating or cooling equipment will be damaged

In order for Ecovent to work effectively to solve the comfort and control issues so many homeowners face, it’s important to replace as close to 100% of the vents in your home as possible. This is because our system strategically closes vents across the home in order to achieve the desired temperature in each room. You can usually skip replacing vents in bathrooms and closets (because they tend to be smaller and have less airflow).


Even if you have a multi-zone home, Ecovent can still help. Chances are, you have rooms that are hotter or colder than you’d like them to be. The Ecovent system enables you to break your pre-existing zones down further, and set your temperature preferences on a room-by-room basis.

They use sensors that read temperature, humidity, pressure and Bluetooth low energy (BTLE), which offers iBeacon compatibility. Each sensor helps us tailor the temperature of each room to your preferences.

The opening and closing of vents is completely inaudible from about 5 feet away. Our vents are designed for optimal airflow, which means they usually make significantly less noise than a standard vent.


Ecovent is controlled from your smartphone or tablet. We currently have iOS and Android apps. The mobile app allows you to control the temperature in every room, turn your thermostat on and off, and see the status of every room in your home – whether you’re on the couch or away from the house.

It’s important that Ecovent works with or without internet – it’s why it is designed to communicate using a custom, low-powered radio frequency. Very shortly after setup – where you do need a wired ethernet connection – you won’t need to worry. And even if your internet signal drops out, you can still control your HVAC system directly from your thermostat. Firmware is updated remotely, so you are connected to up to date upgrades.

HouseWide Design Systems can help with your Heat/Cooling monitoring needs, to keep you calm, cool, and connected.

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A lot of people assume you buy a router and you have it for life. In reality consumer grade routers either succumb to heat related failure or are swapped for better technology. If you want the best WiFi coverage, you may need to upgrade some of your networking equipment.

It is tough to tackle those WiFi dead spots, but attaining the best WiFi connection in an extra large home can allude even the most tech savvy homeowners.WiFi fail two walls

What is a homeowner to do? Search reviews on Amazon, shop the isles of Best Buy, or just call your 26 year old nephew? Save time & money by calling HouseWide System Design for conclusive answers to your router, WiFi and large home coverage needs.

“Everyone knows the pain of slow network speeds, limited range, and lack of help when we need it most, yet we tend to ignore the care and feeding of our home networks. By combining Wireless-AC, a managed WiFi controller, technology with easily accessible support, we are looking to provide customers with the best whole-home networking available.”