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Your Intent vs the Criminal Intent
HouseWide System Design is a Texas State licensed Security Contractor and Alarm Systems Company with 30+ years residential and commercial alarm system design, installation and maintenance experience. Do you have an older alarm system?  HouseWide can repair, expand or update your legacy alarm system to current technology.

Deter, Detect, Dispatch, Control – HouseWide System Design fulfills the home/business owner intention to: deter, detect, verify, and dispatch security violations. Owners control cameras, connected door locks, indoor/outdoor lighting, and property  climate/temperature.  Even manage notifications, event logs and system settings from an authorized mobile device on a secure layer connection. 

Have questions?  Get in touch or call/text HouseWide now 940-228-4590. 

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Advanced Design – Design is the focus of HouseWide System Design security systems. Good design, NOT current fad technology, fulfills expectations year after year even as technology trends rise and fall. Are you considering a short-lived DIY system or a soon obsoleted consumer electronic solution?   Save your time and money with a HouseWide System Design solution to serve your needs for decades of operational relevance. Long time customers find HouseWide System Design to be a best value, best performance, and best user operating experience for personalized security and control needs.

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